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Information on the location of official state embassies around the world with contact details and representative offices. Below is a list of all countries with data on the number of embassies. Information provided by official open sources

List of embassies:

Total: 190 countries
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Comprehensive Embassy Services for Global Clients

Discover embassy and consulate services with our comprehensive directory that features worldwide embassy locations, including diplomatic missions and foreign embassies that provide services for U.S. citizens. From embassy contact information to visa services, our directory simplifies the process of finding the information you need. Whether you're traveling internationally or require embassy visa assistance, our directory provides you with up-to-date information on embassies and consulates. Additionally, our platform offers valuable travel advisories and embassy travel safety tips to ensure a safe and secure embassy visit.

How Our Embassy and Consulate Locator Works:

Our Embassy and Consulate Locator tool is designed to simplify the process of finding embassies and consulates worldwide. Our locator tool utilizes an extensive database to generate a comprehensive list of embassy and consulate locations, including detailed information on embassy and consular services, embassy contact information, visa services, and travel advisories.

Why Choose Our Embassy and Consulate Locator?

Our locator tool offers numerous benefits to clients seeking embassy services. With our locator tool, clients can easily find embassy locations, obtain detailed information on embassy services, consular services, visa services, and travel advisories. Our locator tool streamlines the process of finding the necessary embassy and consular services, saving clients time and resources.

Embassy Services:

Embassies and consulates worldwide offer a wide range of embassy services, including passport and visa processing, document authentication, notary services, and emergency services. Our locator tool provides detailed information on embassy services available worldwide.

Worldwide Embassy Locations

Our locator tool provides a comprehensive list of embassy locations worldwide, including contact information and address details. Clients can easily find the necessary embassy location using our locator tool.

Embassy Contact Information:

We understand how important it is to have access to embassy contact information, and that's why our locator tool provides clients with phone numbers, email addresses, and embassy hours of operation. Clients can easily contact the embassy they need using our locator tool.

Travel Advisories:

At Embassies and Consulates Locator, we understand the importance of safety during embassy visits. That's why our locator tool provides clients with essential travel advisories and safety tips to ensure a safe and secure experience.