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List of photo sizes for universal documents. These photos fit a large number of passports, visas and permits. List of 106 universal sizes.

About ID photos and our service

Grasping the Basics of Universal Photo Documents

Dealing with multiple documents necessitates understanding the shared photo requirements across different categories. This section explains essential features of universal photo documents like dimensions, background colors, and facial expressions to help you create consistent, high-quality images for every application.

Using PhotoGov for All Your Document Photo Needs

PhotoGov offers a comprehensive online service for creating universal document photos that meet official requirements. Learn how to use PhotoGov's user-friendly platform, which provides automated photo editing, cropping, and background adjustments, to ensure your photos pass verification checks with ease.

Navigating the Photo Requirements for Different Document Types

Discover the specific photo requirements for various document types, such as passports, visas, and driver's licenses, and learn how to adjust your universal document photos accordingly. This section will guide you through the unique specifications and guidelines for each document type, ensuring your photos are suitable for all your applications.