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Click on any image to see how our AI processed photos meet the requirements for official documents. These samples showcase the capabilities of our service.

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Steps to Generate Passport / ID / Visa Photos Online

Making a passport photo with our tool is fast and straightforward. No need to book appointments or endure queues.
Just follow these five steps:

  1. Take a selfie on your phone that matches photo standards
  2. Choose your document type (passport, ID, visa, etc.)
  3. Upload your picture to our automated passport photo generator
  4. Allow up to 30 seconds for the service to process and adjust your image with centering, lighting and some AI magic
  5. Download your flawless photo that adheres to all the state requirements for your selected document

Check Out a Short Video on How Our Automated Passport Photo Generator Works

Ready to see our tool in action? Watch this video demonstration to understand how you can create and modify your passport photo to meet all the required specifications.

How To Get Your Photos Ready Online Right Now

Here is a simple guide, on how to upload your photos without need of any gear or special setup. Here is a simple list of measures to ensure your photo meets all the criteria for documents:

  • 1. Snap a picture of yourself

    Take a lit photo using your phone in a room with no items like glasses, hats or accessories. Keep a steady chill expression, facing the camera directly.

    How to take selfies for a document

    Clean background. More light. Not a blurry photo.
    Watch "How to take a photo" (00:46)

  • 2. Upload your photo to PhotoGov AI

    Simply use the provided form to upload your image and click on.the "Process Photo" button.

    Upload your  photo to PhotoGov
  • 3. Get your Passport / ID Photo

    Download the photo that adheres to state document standards suitable for both printing and digital purposes.


Tools based on artificial intelligence

Additional AI Powered Tools For Image Editing

Key Features of the Online Passport Photo Editor


Cropping tool

Our tool automatically adjusts the size and aspect ratio of your photo for document requirements eliminating cropping hassles.



Resize your image accurately without any distortion.


Background remover

Easily add the background color to meet ID card specifications.


Auto Adjustment

Enhance brightness, contrast and color balance with one click, for top quality results.



See exactly how your photo will look once printed, ensuring the best possible outcome.



Save your photo in the required format for your application, following the provided instructions.

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Quick Links to Make Passport / ID / Visa Photos

*Data from government agencies

General Passport / ID / Visa Photo Requirements

Make sure to check how your photo will appear when printed to get the result. Save your photo in the format as instructed. It's important to understand the specifications, for passport and visa photos. Here are some common requirements:


Technical requirements if you are going to process the photo yourself through Photoshop or other services:


Photos generally need to be 300 DPI with a size of 600 x 600 pixels and printed at either 2 inches by 2 inches or 50mm by 50mm although this can vary depending on the country.


Your photo should accurately depict your skin tone. If submitting digitally make sure it meets the criteria of 24 bits per pixel and an sRGB color profile.


JPEG is recommended for high quality images with file sizes.


Photos should range from 54 KB to 10 MB. Adjust resolution, compression and format as necessary.


Try to maintain a compression ratio of 20:1 to preserve quality while meeting size restrictions.


How to Snap a Passport Photo at Home

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when capturing your passport photo:



Grab your smartphone or a camera. Find a well lit spot. Natural light is great. Artificial light can work too.



A light, solid background is a perfect option. Use our tool to adjust as needed.



Natural light is preferred. Use lamps or a ring light if necessary, and position them to avoid shadows.


Posing Tips and Facial Features

Keep your gaze level with an expression. Make sure your face is centered and ears are visible.

What to Wear for Passport Photos

Dress the part wisely. Put some attention if there are some recommended guidelines. But there are some common rules stated following.



  • Stick to colors like blue or white for your attire.
  • Keep it simple and comfy.
  • Wear according the purpose of your photo.


  • Steer clear of patterns, logos.
  • Don’t wear hats or anything that hides your face.
  • Avoid wearing to casually – no athletic or beachwear.

Taking Passport Pics of Babies

Capturing a passport or ID photo of an infant can be tricky but we’ve got some suggestions for you:

  • Pick a moment when your baby's awake and attentive.
  • Position the baby on a surface. Make sure their head is straight.
  • Use a toy or someone to grab their attention to take several straight facing photos.
  • Avoid any interfering things on a photo, such as hands of a person if someone is holding a baby, pacifiers or toys.

Common Mistakes on Passport, Visa or ID Photos

Stay clear of the following:

  • Not verifying document of photo requirements.
    Different countries and organizations have different requirements for things like color and head position.
  • Choosing wrong clothes.
    Apparel that may either blend in much or be overly flashy.
  • Facial recognizing obstructions.
    Allowing hair or accessories to cover parts of the face.
  • Incorrect facial expressions.
    Some countries of agencies forbid smiling of frowning too much on the photos. You have to be well aware of that.
  • Submitting blurry or wrong-colored images.
    Any properties interfering your recognition can be a valid point to give you trouble meeting the requirements.
About ID photos and our service

Insights on ID Photos And Our Service

What does PhotoGov Offer? PhotoGov collaborates with organizations to simplify the process of capturing passport photos at home. Our user-friendly software ensures that your photo complies with all application criteria.

Passport photos

Crucial for identity verification and other essential documents.

Visa photos

Facilitates efficient authentication processes.

ID Card Photos

Online for various identification purposes.


Why Choose PhotoGov?

Free Service for Over 1,000 Documents

Generate passport photos without any charges.

Compliance Assurance

We 100% follow the updates on requirements, from embassies and agencies.

User-Friendly Interface

Simple to use without the need, for any downloads.

Quick Processing

Receive your photo in a 25 to 40 seconds period thanks to our progressive AI technology.

Advantages of The Online Passport Photo Editor


Generate passport photos from anywhere at any time.

Time Efficient

Complete the process from home without visiting a studio.


Prevent errors that could cause delays or lead to application rejection.


No matter where you are or what time is it.


General Security Details Regarding Passport Photo Maker

At PhotoGov safeguarding your data is our priority. Our platform employs cutting edge security measures such as HTTPS certificates and encryption to secure your details.


Who can wear glasses in a passport photo?

Most guidelines recommend showing a face. Therefore, it's advisable to remove glasses to avoid reflections or glare. But this all should be done according to regulations.

Is it permissible to wear a hijab Hat or other head covering?

Yes, for cultural purposes long as the face is completely visible.

Are jewelry and accessories permitted?

Yes, as long as they do not obstruct the face or cast shadows.

How to print passport photos using a color printer?

Print your photo at the highest resolution on high-quality photo paper, and cut it out carefully.

With The Support of Government

PhotoGov was created with the support from embassies and government official guidelines, and is aimed to offer a centralized platform for the issuance of passports, visas and various official documents.