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Create your US passport photos effortlessly and for free with our user-friendly online service. Our platform ensures your photos meet all official US passport requirements, providing a seamless and reliable experience. Simply upload a photo from your smartphone or digital camera, and we'll handle the rest, guaranteeing 100% acceptance. Whether you're applying for a new passport or renewing an existing one, our online photo service saves you time and money by eliminating the need for professional photographers.

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How to Create Your US Passport Photo

Follow these steps to create your personalized US passport photo without visiting a professional photographer:

  1. Select Country and Document Type:

    Choose your country (e.g., United States).
    Specify the document type needed (e.g., US Passport, Visa, or Driving License).

  2. Capture and Upload Your Photo:

    Take a picture using your smartphone or digital camera. Ensure you have good lighting and a plain background to meet the photo guidelines.
    Upload your photo to our US Passport photo maker, adhering to the photo guidelines. Our platform will automatically adjust your photo for lighting, centering, and other necessary criteria.
    Download the optimized photo for your passport application. Our service ensures your photo meets all US passport photo requirements, making the application process smooth and hassle-free.

Detailed Requirements for US Passport Photos

For a seamless US passport application process, ensure your photo adheres to these comprehensive guidelines. Our online service is designed to help you create compliant passport photos quickly and effortlessly

Layout, size and scale by indentation for the US passport
  • Size The photo must be 2x2 inches, the standard dimension for US passport photos.
  • Background Use a plain, off-white background to meet the US passport photo requirements.
  • Expression Maintain a neutral expression with both eyes open and mouth closed, essential for biometric identification.
  • Attire Avoid wearing glasses, headgear, or uniforms unless they are required for religious purposes. This ensures your photo complies with the US Department of State's guidelines.
  • Quality Ensure the image is high resolution (at least 300 DPI) with proper lighting, avoiding any shadows. High-quality images are crucial for clear identification.
  • Photo Quality The photo should be well-focused with no blur or noise, meeting the stringent standards for passport photos.
  • Resolution A minimum resolution of 300 DPI is required to ensure clarity.
  • File Size The file size should be between 1 MB and 15 MB to maintain quality without exceeding upload limits.
  • Background The background must be plain, off-white, and free of shadows to comply with official passport photo requirements.
  • Format The photo must be the correct size (2x2 inches) and have a neutral background. This format is standard for US passport photos.
  • Approval The photo must meet all US passport requirements for acceptance.
  • Printable Yes, the photo should be suitable for high-quality printing.
  • Online Submission The photo is optimized for physical submission and not suitable for online submission.

Steps to Take a US Passport Photo at Home

Creating your US passport photo at home is simple and convenient. Follow these steps to ensure your photo meets all necessary criteria:


  • Lighting and Background: Ensure good, even lighting and a plain background, ideally off-white.
  • Distance: Stand 5-7 feet from the camera for a clear, properly framed shot.
  • Assistance: Use a tripod for stability or ask someone to take the picture to avoid blurriness.


  • Stand Upright: Maintain a neutral expression with your head straight and eyes open.
  • Avoid Shadows: Ensure proper lighting to avoid any shadows on your face or background, critical for passport photo compliance.

Uploading and Processing:

  • Upload Photo: Use our user-friendly platform to upload and process your image.
  • Download: Download the optimized photo upon completion, ready for your passport application.

Tips for Photographing Babies and Children

Taking passport photos of babies and children can be challenging. Follow these tips to get the best results:

  • Newborns: Place the baby on a plain sheet and capture the photo from above. Ensure the background is off-white and well-lit.
  • Older Babies: Sit them in a chair against a white backdrop to meet the background requirements.

Tools and Features

Our online passport photo tool offers several features to help you create the perfect photo:


Trim your photo to the correct size using our precise cropping tool.


Adjust the photo dimensions as needed to meet the official size requirements.

Background removal

Automatically remove non-neutral backgrounds to comply with US passport photo standards.


Optimize brightness, color, and contrast to ensure the best quality photo, crucial for passport photo acceptance.

Printing Your Digital Passport Photo

For best results, print your digital photo on high-quality matte or glossy paper. Use a dedicated photo service or our custom tool for at-home printing to ensure the print quality meets passport photo requirements.

Where to Get a Passport Photo

Finding a reliable place to get your passport photo is crucial to ensuring it meets all official requirements. Here are some convenient options:


Major pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid offer professional passport photo services. They provide quick and reliable photo-taking, ensuring compliance with US passport photo guidelines.

Shipping Centers

Shipping centers such as UPS and FedEx also provide passport photo services. These centers often have the necessary equipment to capture and print passport-compliant photos on the spot.

Post Offices

Many post offices offer passport photo services, making it easy to get your photo taken and submit your passport application in one trip. Check with your local post office for availability.

Retail Stores

Various retail locations with photo booths, such as Walmart and Costco, provide an affordable and convenient option for getting passport photos.


  • Only one photo is needed, but it must meet all specifications outlined by the US Department of State.
  • Typically, passport photos cost around $15 at pharmacies and shipping centers. Prices may vary slightly depending on the location and service provider.
  • Review the State Department’s guidelines to ensure your photo meets all necessary specifications. Using a photo template can help ensure correct positioning and size. Our online tool also guides you through the process to ensure compliance.
  • Passport photos should be no older than six months to accurately reflect your current appearance. This is crucial for biometric identification.
  • Yes, there are various mobile apps designed to meet passport and visa photo specifications. These apps provide guidance on capturing compliant photos and often include features for cropping and adjusting the image to meet official requirements.
  • Follow these steps to get a ready photo using PhotoGov:
    • Upload Your Photo: Use our platform to upload your photo from your smartphone or digital camera.
    • Process the Image: Our system will automatically adjust the photo for lighting, centering, and other criteria.
    • Download the Image: Once processed, download the high-quality electronic image.
    • Receive via Email: Make the payment, and receive the processed photo via email, ready for your passport application.

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