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US visa photo
2inch 2inch 1.29inch 1.18inch

Source: official website dvprogram.state.gov

Free Photo maker : US Diversity Visa Lottery (600x600 px, 2x2 inches, white bg)

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US Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery

In alignment with the protocols set for the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program, this initiative emerges as a pivotal avenue for aspirants worldwide, carving a route towards the esteemed American ethos. It is imperative to underscore that one elemental facet of the application, specifically the photographic submission, frequently remains under-emphasized. Given the meticulous criteria prescribed for DV Lottery image submissions, it's paramount for aspirants to harness specialized photographic instruments designed for this endeavor. The subsequent directive offers a thorough overview, elucidating the nuances of the recommended apparatus and the endorsed methodologies to ascertain image congruence during the application trajectory.

DV Lottery Photo Requirements: A Detailed Overview

Each year, numerous eager participants experience setbacks due to images not meeting the established criteria, often resulting in early disqualification before comprehensive scrutiny of their applications. The foundational mandates encompass:

  1. An image that's squarely configured, consistent at 600x600 pixels.
  2. A consistent JPEG file structure, ensuring it remains under 240 KB.
  3. A background that resonates a pure white or muted off-white hue.
  4. Maintaining a calm facial countenance with both eyes clearly in view.
  5. Proper face illumination, circumventing any pronounced shadows or reflections. Beyond these direct guidelines, it's pivotal to grasp intricate aspects, including the expected facial posture standards and achieving the optimal luminance levels for the image.

Understanding DV Lottery Photo Background, Pose, and Lighting Standards

In compliance with official photographic guidelines for submissions, the backdrop must uniformly adhere to a pristine white or a subdued off-white hue, unequivocally devoid of any decorative elements, shadowing, or discernible patterns. Pertaining to the subject's posture, it is imperative that individuals maintain a direct frontal alignment with the photographic equipment, exhibiting a non-expressive facial demeanor. Additionally, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the facial region is adequately illuminated, meticulously evading shadows that may be introduced by superior lighting sources. Adherents are advised to exercise restraint in the realm of digital image enhancement; excessive or non-standard modifications are not condoned and may result in application declination. An authentic representation remains the recommended approach

The table below shows the official basic and main technical requirements:

1.18 inch
Layout, size and scale by indentation for the US visa
  • Name of document: US Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery (600x600 px, 2x2 inches, white bg)
  • Country: United States
  • Type of document: visa
  • Quality: 300
  • Back ground color:
  • Photo size: Width: 2inch, Height: 2inch
  • Approve for requiments US: Yes
  • Image definition parameters: Correct for requiments
  • Printable: Yes
  • Suitable for online submission: No
  • Web links to official documents:


*Data from government agencies

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Your DV Lottery Photo

In adherence to the procedural guidelines set forth by the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery regulatory body, it has been observed that a notable fraction of applicants inadvertently deviate from the established photographic mandates, often defaulting to informal or casual photographic representations. Specific areas of frequent non-compliance have been duly noted as follows:


Technical requirements if you are going to process the photo yourself through Photoshop or other services:

Deviation from Prescribed Background Specifications

There has been a recurrence of submissions showcasing either non-compliant background hues or the presence of discernible patterns, which contravene the set standards.

Unauthorized Facial Obstructions

A significant number of submissions feature participants donning hats or sunglasses, resulting in obfuscation of facial features, a clear breach of guidelines.

Non-compliance with Image Format and Size Regulations

There are instances where the submitted images either diverge from the endorsed file formats or overshoot the stipulated size thresholds, leading to inadmissibility.

Compromised Image Clarity and Sharpness

Furthermore, it has come to official attention that certain entries present visuals that lack the required sharpness or clarity, detrimentally impacting the overall representational quality of the applicant.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Editing Your DV Lottery Photo Using [specific tool]

In accordance with the stringent criteria of the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program, PhotoGov.com endeavors to assist candidates in ensuring their photographic entries are of impeccable standard. This tutorial outlines the methodical process of refining images using the specialized DV Lottery Image Editor available on our website.

  • 1. Take a picture of yourself

    Use PhotoGov.com's service to capture your image. Avoid headgear, glasses, or uniforms. Maintain a neutral face, with good lighting and a plain backdrop.

    How to take selfies for a visa

    Clean background. More light. Not a blurry photo.
    Watch "How to take a photo" (00:46)

  • 2. Upload your photo to PhotoGov AI

    Next, upload your image and process it through our site.

    Upload your visa photo to PhotoGov
  • 3. Receive your Passport Photo

    Upon finalizing edits, securely download your U.S. Green Card photo from our platform. These high-quality images are suitable for both printing and digital Green Card application processes.


Choosing the Best DV Lottery Photo Editor

Aligned with the precise requisites of the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program, an array of specialized photographic utilities, both gratis and premium, are at the disposal of aspirants. When appraising such tools, preference should be accorded to those expressly devised to resonate with the DV Lottery's exacting photo stipulations. Crucial functionalities to seek include refined image delineation, nuanced lighting and shade modifications, and dimension optimization. Esteemed utilities in this domain often incorporate an inherent DV Lottery image compliance test, a valuable precursor to affirm suitability prior to formal entry.

Why Proper Photo Compliance is Crucial

An image that misses the mark vis-à-vis the established benchmarks may precipitate swift application invalidation, even if other aspects of the dossier are exemplary. Amidst a backdrop of heightened contestation and circumscribed visa grants, the imperative to attain pixel-perfect photo congruence via a dedicated DV Lottery instrument is undeniable. Attentive and calibrated digital photo finetuning, when harmonized with DV tenets, can markedly tilt the balance between endorsement and negation. A large number of applications for a green card simply do not pass the check due to errors in filling out the forms and photo processing.

Mobile Solutions: Best DV Lottery Photo Tools for Android & iPhone

In the contemporary digital epoch, the omnipresence of smartphones is unequivocal. Fortuitously, mobile-centric solutions have emerged, enabling the crafting and validation of DV Lottery photographs whilst mobile.

DV Lottery Photo Tools for Android

- DV Image Verifier: This application facilitates rapid validations, ascertaining that submitted images resonate with stipulated benchmarks. It emerges as a boon for individuals seeking clarity on their photo congruence.

- DV Lottery Image Refiner: Beyond mere dimensional adjustments, this utility equips users with a suite of enhancements to harmonize images with the explicit DV Lottery facial demeanor directives.

DV Lottery Photo Tools for iPhone

- iOS Green Card Imagery Tool: Exclusively designed for the iOS milieu, this utility ensures the harmonization of photographs with established dimensional, hue, and other requisite criteria.

- DV Lottery Comprehensive Suite: Beyond a mere imagery utility, this application furnishes a holistic overview of the application journey, with photographic refinement as a pivotal feature.

Expert Tips for the Perfect DV Lottery Photo

Securing a DV Lottery-compliant image transcends the application of excessive retouches or extensive filters. It is intrinsically tethered to meticulousness and cognizance of the evaluative criteria.

How to achieve clear and sharp DV Lottery pictures

It's paramount to preserve innate skin hues. Over-illuminated visuals can desaturate intrinsic characteristics, while dim images risk obfuscating vital facets. Employing a commendable DV Lottery image utility, modulate luminance and shade to encapsulate an organic semblance.

Technicalities Matter

From ensuring the correct DV Lottery photo aspect ratio to selecting the right file formats, the technical aspects are critical. Always double-check the requirements before submission. Remember, even a minor oversight can be a deal-breaker.

DV Lottery facial expression guidelines

A calm and natural face. Do not try to smile or express any emotion. Avoid over-editing. Heavy photo retouching or altering your features might make the photo non-compliant. Your photo should represent the authentic you.

Tools based on artificial intelligence

PhotoGov Features

Key Features of the Online Passport Photo Editor



Navigating the labyrinth of precise measurements can be daunting. Enter PhotoGov's cropping feature: a marvel that slices through those rough edges, granting your photos a sharp finesse. And it's not just about cutting; it's about sculpting, tailoring, and ensuring that picture of yours isn't just neat, but also impeccably sized for visa specifications. Did I mention that those uneven edges? They'll be a thing of the past.


The Art of Resizing: Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right

Too big, and they overpower; too small, and they're easily overlooked. Dive into the world of PhotoGov, and there's no more playing Goldilocks with your images. The end game? A masterpiece of proportion, fitting snugly into your visa's criteria. And the dread of distortions, the elongating or compressing nightmares? Banish the thought. With our platform, your image's essence remains untouched, unsullied.


Background removal

Ever been on a photo hunt, where every background seems to conspire against you? Fret not. Mismatched, vibrant, or just plain wrong - backgrounds can be tricky. But what if there was a magic wand? Our background removal tool is precisely that. No more settling; get that neutral, distraction-free background you've been yearning for.



Ah, the nuances of brightness, the subtleties of color, and the delicate balance of contrast. Getting them right? A Herculean task. But here's a little secret: our auto-adjustment tool. One click, and like an orchestra conductor leading a symphony, it harmonizes your image to perfection, aligning it with the gold standard of photos.

DV Lottery Photo Tool Reviews: Top Picks for 2024


It’s not just another tool; it’s an ally in the labyrinth of DV photo specifications. Simplicity? Check. Precision? Check. Price? The service is absolutely free for Green Card visa photos.

DV Photo Elite

The Gilded Contender Ah, for the connoisseurs of the exquisite, DV Photo Elite extends its golden hand. Beyond the mundane, it delves deep, guided by an AI maestro. The service is a paid service.

GreenCard Snap

Where Precision Woos Passion In the theatre of DV photo tools, GreenCard Snap dons the hat of a meticulous director. Focused, unyielding, and undeniably dedicated. The service is a paid service.

About ID photos and our service


What are the official photo requirements for the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Ah, the tapestry of requirements for this coveted photo is intricate. The canvas? 2 x 2 inches, a mere 51 x 51 mm. Your visage should float between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches, from chin's base to crown's zenith. Background? Think pristine; a canvas of unadulterated white or maybe a hint of off-white. Shadows? Banished.

How do Diversity Visa Lottery photo specifications differ from regular passport photos?

Though the DV Lottery image bears some resemblance to typical passport images in aspects like dimensions and clarity, unique criteria encompassing backdrop hues, the orientation of the head, and the photo's recency come into play. It's imperative to refer to the authoritative DV Lottery directives to guarantee adherence.

What's the required size and resolution for the DV Lottery photo?

In the realm of the DV, dimensions matter. An exacting 2 x 2 inches it must be, translating to 51 x 51 mm. Pixel-wise, the photo should boast a breadth and height ranging from a modest 600 pixels to an opulent 1200 pixels, ensuring the digital weight remains a feather-light 54 KB.

Are there specific background color requirements for the DV Lottery photo?

Yes, the background of the DV Lottery photo should be plain white or off-white. It's crucial to avoid patterns, shadows, or other colors in the background.

Can I wear glasses in my DV Lottery photo?

No, starting from November 1, 2016, eyeglasses are no longer allowed in DV Lottery photos. This change ensures the applicant's eyes are clearly visible and prevents potential issues with reflections from the lenses.

What kind of facial expressions are allowed in the DV Lottery photo?

You should have a neutral facial expression with both eyes open. Smiling, frowning, or other expressive faces are discouraged as they might distort essential facial features.

Can I use a mobile phone to take my DV Lottery photo?

Yes, you can use a mobile phone to capture your photo.

Are there any online tools to help me format my photo for the Diversity Visa Lottery?

Yes, several online tools, like PhotoGov, cater specifically to the DV Lottery photo requirements. Thanks to trained neural networks, your photo will be automatically processed to meet all requirements

Do I need to hire a professional photographer for my DV Lottery photo?

No. However, with proper lighting, background, and guidance, many applicants successfully take compliant photos using digital cameras or smartphones.

What are the common reasons for DV Lottery photo rejections?

DV Lottery photos face rejection due to reasons such as deviations from designated sizes, unsuitable backdrop shades, issues of overexposure or underexposure, evident shadows, or inaccuracies in facial orientation and expressions.

About 20% of photos are rejected, so it is recommended to process the photo through PhotoGov's online service

Can I digitally modify or retouch my DV Lottery photo?

However, it's frowned upon to indulge in profound digital alterations. Overzealous modifications, especially those altering intrinsic facial attributes or applying aggressive filters, may deem the image unsuitable. It's of paramount importance that the submitted depiction is both contemporary and a genuine reflection of the individual.

Do children and infants also need specific DV Lottery photos if included in the application?

Indeed, when minors and babies form part of the DV Lottery dossier, it's imperative their photos resonate with the specified DV Lottery norms. They should be in sync with established parameters, especially in terms of backdrop shade, dimension, and pixel density. Extra attention is warranted to ascertain the visage of the child or infant remains conspicuously displayed and correctly aligned, irrespective of their ability to maintain a passive countenance.

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