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With our comprehensive list of passport photo requirements for every country, you can create passport photos with confidence. By utilizing PhotoGov's streamlined service, you can further ensure that your photos are accurate, high-quality, and compliant with the relevant guidelines.

Barbados 1 doc.

Plurinational State of Bolivia 1 doc.

Brunei Darussalam 1 doc.

Cambodia 1 doc.

Democratic Republic of the Congo 1 doc.

Dominican Republic 1 doc.

Lao People's Democratic Republic 1 doc.

Liechtenstein 1 doc.

Nicaragua 1 doc.

Saudi Arabia 1 doc.

Switzerland 1 doc.

United Republic of Tanzania 1 doc.

United Arab Emirates 1 doc.

About ID photos and our service

Digital Passport Photos and Online Submission

As technology advances, more countries are accepting digital passport photos and online submissions. Our guide outlines the specific digital photo requirements and submission processes for each nation, simplifying the task of obtaining a compliant photo. With PhotoGov's AI-driven service, you can create an accurate and high-quality digital passport photo, making the online submission process smooth and hassle-free.

Updating and Renewing Passport Photos

Passport photos should be up-to-date and reflective of your current appearance. Our guide covers the specific timeframes and requirements for updating and renewing passport photos, keeping you informed and prepared. By leveraging PhotoGov's efficient service, you can create an updated passport photo that complies with the latest guidelines, making the renewal process seamless and stress-free.