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Our service offers a way to generate 1x1 inch photos that adhere to all specifications. Simply upload a photo from your phone. We'll adjust it to the size you need. Benefit from a 100% approval guarantee for every photo.

Main Features

  • profile-icon Automatic Cropping. Easily resize your photo to the 1x1 inch dimensions using our online tool.
  • document-icon Requirements. Guidelines for types of photos.
  • document-icon Tutorial. Step by step instructions on capturing a photo.
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How to Make Your Own 1x1 Inch Photo

Crafting your 1x1 inch photo, at home is simple and saves you the trouble of visiting a photographer.
Follow these steps.

  1. Select Country and Document Type

    Pick your country (e.g., Others).
    Choose the document type (Passport, Visa Driving License).
    Capture and Upload Your Photo.

  2. Take a picture with your phone or digital camera.

    Upload the photo to our 1x1 inch photo creator ensuring it aligns with guidelines.
    Enhance Your Photo.
    Our system automatically adjusts your photo to ensure lighting, centering and meeting requirements.

  3. Get Your Image.

    Download the photo, for your application use.

Photo Guidelines for 1x1 Inch Photos

To increase the chance of an application with your photo remember the following tips.

Layout, size and scale by indentation for the ZZ photo
  • Size The image should measure 1x1 inch.
  • Background Better to go with a off white backdrop.
  • Expression Keep a expression.
  • Attire Refrain from wearing glasses, headgear or uniforms unless it’s for a purpose.
  • Quality Maintain resolution (at 600 DPI) and good lighting with no shadows.

Specific Guidelines

Image Clarity Standards Prize Icon

Photo Clarity.

Sharp and focused, free from blurriness or distortion.


A minimum of 600 DPI is required.

File Size.

Should range between 1 MB and 15 MB.


Off white with no visible shadows.

Capturing Your Own 1x1 Inch Photo at Home


  • Ensure lighting and a simple background setup.
  • Stand at a distance of 5 7 feet, from the camera.
  • Consider using a tripod or seek assistance to take the picture.

Posing Instructions.

  • Stand upright with a expression.
  • Avoid any casting of shadows. Aim for lighting.

Upload and Process.

  • Utilize our platform to upload and process your photo.
  • Get the image for use.

Tips, for Photographing Babies and Kids

Capturing images of children and infants involves following guidelines. Here are some suggestions:

  • For Newborns. Place the baby on a sheet. Take the picture from above.
  • For Babies. Position them in a chair against a backdrop.

Tools and Features


Adjust your photo size as needed.


Modify the dimensions of the photo accordingly.

Background removal

Remove all non neutral backgrounds.

Auto adjustment

Enhance brightness, color and contrast with one click.

Printing Your Digital 1x1 Inch Photo

For better outcomes print your photo on high quality matte or glossy paper. Use either a photo service or our specialized tool for printing at home.

Where to Obtain a 1x1 Inch Photo


Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid provide passport photo services for $15.

Shipping Centers

UPS, FedEx as local shipping centers offer similar services at, around $15.

Post Offices

Post offices often provide passport photo services for $15.

Retail Stores

Many retail outlets have photo booths, for capturing passport pictures at rates.


  • You only require one photo to accompany your application. Make sure it is of quality and meets all the criteria.
  • Expect to spend $15 at pharmacies, shipping centers and retail stores. Costs from photographers may vary.
  • Check the guidelines set by the State Department and use a passport photo template to ensure size and positioning.
  • Ensure lighting avoid shadows use a backdrop and take a high quality image with a neutral facial expression. Online services can assist in editing and formatting the image to meet specifications.
  • Make sure your picture was taken within the six months to accurately represent your appearance.
  • Yes there are applications specifically designed for passport and visa photographs.
  • follow the steps outlined on the PhotoGov website make the necessary payment and you will receive a high quality digital photo via email. If your document offers photo processing provide your email address to receive the photo within 30 40 seconds. Laurel Icon

What Makes PhotoGov Stand Out?

User Friendly Interface

Our platform is designed to be intuitive and user friendly.

Extensive Editing Features

Crop, resize, adjust automatically and remove backgrounds.

Wide Range of Document Support

We cater to document types such as passports, IDs, visas and more.

No Expensive Equipment Required

All you need is a smartphone or digital camera along with an internet connection.

Skip the Trip to a Photo Studio

Save both time and money by capturing photos, from home.

No Specialized Expertise Needed

Our advanced AI technology ensures that your photo meets all specifications effortlessly.

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