What are the Requirements for Japan resume 4x6 cm Photos in 2024

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to photos, it could be worth even more. A photo is a critical component of your application, and there are many things to keep in mind. For example, for a Japan resume 4x6 cm photo, size is just one of the many elements that must be taken into account.

The department has specific criteria for photos, and it’s in your best interest to adhere to them. Here they are one by one:

Photo specification:

Layout, size and scale by indentation for the JP resume
  • Name of document: Japan resume 4x6 cm
  • Country: Japan
  • Type of document: resume
  • Quality: 300
  • Back ground color:
  • Photo size: "Width": 40mm, "Height": 60mm
  • Approve for requiments UAE: Yes
  • Image definition parameters: Correct for requiments
  • Printable: Yes
  • Suitable for online submission: No
  • Web links to official documents:


Size and Dimensions

What size is a resume photo? Your Japan resume 4x6 cm photo size must be 40x60 mm. This means that your head must be between 36 and 37.800000000000004 mm from the bottom of your chin to the top of your head.


The photo must be in color, but the colors must be natural and not altered or edited — any filters or effects that change them are forbidden.


Keep in mind that there should only be one subject in the photo, which is you. This means that no relatives, friends, or children should be in the frame. An acceptable Japan resume 4x6 cm photo should solely represent the person applying for the resume.

Head Size and Position

Aside from the specific measurements for a resume picture size, there are a couple more things to note. The head must be centered within the frame and take up 50-69% of the image, and the photo should be taken at eye level, i.e., at the same height as the applicant’s eyes.


The photo must be clear and in focus, with no blurriness or distortion. A blurry photo is a sure way to get your application rejected.


Resume photos must have been taken within the last six months. This ensures that the photo accurately represents your current appearance (hairstyle, weight, facial hair, etc.).

Background, Contrast, and Shadows

The background color of the photo should be plain white or off-white, so avoid using any patterned or colored backdrops. Other resume photo rules include sufficient contrast and no shadows on your face or behind your head. Ensure that your face and features stand out clearly in the photo and that the lighting is even.


You can smile, but it must be a natural smile rather than a big, toothy grin. Overall, the face should have a neutral expression, so don’t force a smile if it doesn’t come naturally to you.


Your eyes should be open and visible in the photo, with no hair, clothing, or other objects obstructing them. Remember that your eyes are very important for identification, so no closing, squinting, or hiding in any way. Also, you should be looking directly at the camera lens.


Red-eye will be considered a form of obstruction. To prevent it, avoid using the camera flash if possible because the light can reflect off the back of your retina and create a red reflection in your eyes. If you must use a flash, try looking slightly away from the camera.


If you normally wear glasses, you should wear them in your resume photo, too. Make sure that there is no glare or reflection on the lenses; it’ll be better if your glasses have an anti-reflective coating. The frames shouldn’t cover any part of your eyes, especially your pupils.

In case you have a medical condition that requires you to wear dark glasses or other eyewear, you’ll need a statement from your doctor.


Your entire face, including your forehead and eyebrows, should be visible in the photo. Therefore, most types of headgear, like hats or head scarves, aren’t permitted.

However, if you wear a head covering for religious reasons, it’ll be allowed in the resume photo as long as your face is still fully visible. For hats or head scarves worn for medical reasons, ask your doctor for an official statement.

Resolution and File Size

The ideal resolution for a resume photo is 600 x 600 pixels, and the acceptable size for the file is anything less than 240 kilobytes. For the right Japan resume 4x6 cm size, make sure to use a high-quality camera or smartphone — you’ll be able to crop it and still maintain the required resolution.

Attire, Clothing, and Dress Code

Wear everyday clothing that you would normally wear in public. This means you should avoid uniforms, costumes, or clothing that looks like a disguise. Also, choose clothing with a plain, solid-colored background over busy patterns or prints.


A beard or other facial hair is acceptable if it doesn’t prevent identification, but you should have roughly the same facial hair at the time you travel internationally.


A natural, everyday look is best for resume photos. Consider sticking to just a light foundation or concealer, little mascara, and a touch of lip color.


Studs or small hoops are a good choice, as they won’t detract from your face or hair.


The last thing worth mentioning about the main Japan resume 4x6 cm photo requirements is quantity. That’s simple enough — you’ll typically need to provide two identical photos.

Where Can I Get My resume Photo Taken?

One convenient option is our photo tool! PhotoGov will digitally process your resume photo to ensure it meets all of the department requirements.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have your photos taken offline, you can go to:

  • Photo studios
  • Post offices
  • Print and copy stores that offer resume photo services as well

Costco used to offer photo services, but unfortunately, they have closed their photo centers.