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Bahamas visa Photo Maker

Submitting the right photograph is a pivotal aspect of the application process. It serves as a tool for immigration personnel to ascertain your identity. Follow the recommended procedures, and you can comfortably snap this image at home with either your digital camera or smartphone. Continue to learn the details!

Steps to Make Bahamas visa Photos Online

If you’d like to make your own photo for a Bahamas visa, saving you the trouble of making an appointment with a professional photographer and turning up in person, there are a few important steps you’ll need to follow. We’ve broken them down for you below:

  1. On, first choose what sort of document you are preparing a photograph for—i.e., a passport, visa, etc.
  2. Next, take your photograph and upload it to our Bahamas visa photo maker. Make sure you follow the necessary guidelines for creating a biometric picture.
  3. Refine your picture using our platform. automatically optimizes your photograph to help ensure it meets the necessary criteria, such as even lighting and image centering.
  4. Download your image. You are now ready to use the digital file as you like.

Guidelines and size requiements for a BS visa

For successful BS visa applications, it's vital to follow BS visa photo requirements. Key criteria include a recent photo (taken within the last month) sized 2x2inch, a light and plain background, a neutral expression, and an unobstructed, full-face view, background color - White. Refrain from wearing glasses, headgear, or casting shadows, except for religious reasons. Abiding by these BS visa photo requirements helps ensure a smooth application process.

The table below shows the official basic and main technical requirements:

1.18 inch
Layout, size and scale by indentation for the BS visa

*Data from government agencies

Bahamas visa Photo — Size and Requirements

Here is a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the general photo requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time applicant, understanding these requirements is crucial to take passport or visa photos that are accepted on the first try.


Technical requirements if you are going to process the photo yourself through Photoshop or other services:


In the , a photo for photo must be 2x2 inch in size. Photographs that deviate from these requirements will not be considered and will have to be retaken by the applicant.


For Canada visa applications, colored photographs are essential for official identification purposes. It's also imperative to ensure they're taken against a background that's white or a light off-white hue.

Resolution and file size (in KB or MB)

It’s important that your Bahamas visa photograph is high-quality and clear, as this will make it easier for border officials to make it out and compare it to you. To that end, you should ensure that you use a resolution of no less than 300 DPI (dots per inch). Ideally, you should use a resolution of at least DPI, but between 300 and should be fine. Just remember, the clearer and more satisfactory your picture, the less likely your application is to be rejected; aim for a file size of between 1 MB and 15 MB.

Attire, clothing, dress code

When you take a picture for a Bahamas visa, there is a particular dress code you must adhere to. The main points of this dress code are that you must:

Wear normal, everyday clothes.

Avoid wearing uniforms or camouflage clothing.

Avoid head coverings or headgear.

Avoid eyeglasses, including both sunglasses and spectacles.

If you adhere to these simple instructions and ensure that your picture is well-lit and of a high quality, your photograph should be satisfactory.

Image definition parameters

It’s essential that the photo quality is satisfactory. Ensure your picture is clear and properly focused, free of blur or noise. You should also make sure that it isn’t visibly pixelated and that it has been printed onto either matte or glossy photographic paper, as opposed to plain printer paper.

Background, contrast, and shadows

An Bahamas visa picture must have both sufficient detail and high contrast. So, to ensure that your photograph is suitable, be sure to take it against a plain, neutral background, either white or off-white in color. This is important, as it helps you stand out in the picture. Additionally, be careful that there is no shadow in the photo, particularly any obscuring the face.

Example photos:

Below are examples of correct and incorrect photos

Examples of photos, how to correctly make a visa photo BS

How to Take Your Own Bahamas visa Photo

If you don’t want to go through the trouble and expense of locating and hiring a professional photographer to take your picture, you can simply take your own from home. So long as you follow the below instructions carefully, you can capture the perfect visa photo yourself:

  • 1. Take a picture of yourself

    Open up the photo service and take your picture. Make sure you’re not wearing any headcovers or glasses, do not wear a uniform, and keep your expression neutral. Ensure that the area is well-lit and that you are standing against a neutral background.

    How to take selfies for a visa

    Clean background. More light. Not a blurry photo.
    Watch "How to take a photo" (00:46)

  • 2. Upload your photo to PhotoGov AI

    Next, upload your image and process it through our site.

    Upload your visa photo to PhotoGov
  • 3. Receive your Passport Photo

    Finally, you can download your ID photo. These images can be printed off, or you can simply use them as digital photos.


Bahamas visa Photo-Making Tips

Body-camera distance

A suitable visa photograph should prominently display the person's upper body, especially ensuring the head and hair are clearly seen for identification purposes. Position your camera about 5-7 feet (1.5-2 meters) from the individual. It's a good practice to take multiple shots at varied distances to pinpoint the best one.


For a visa photo, while it zeroes in on your face, your stance matters significantly. It's pivotal to keep a straight back, but simultaneously stay at ease. Always look forward, giving the camera an unobstructed view of your countenance.


It's crucial that your photo benefits from even lighting, devoid of any shadowy patches. This emphasis ensures that your facial characteristics stand out distinctly. Strive for uniform lighting, coming both from lateral sides and from your front and rear.

Can I Take My visa Picture at Home?

With a bit of dedication and effort, you can perfectly snap your visa photo right in your living space. Here are the key steps:

  • Dress according to the specified guidelines.
  • Ascertain that the environment has sufficient lighting.
  • Opt for a neutral-colored backdrop for the photograph.

How to Take a Bahamas visa Photo Using a Phone

If your smartphone is equipped with a superior camera, it's viable for taking your visa photograph. However, remember that selfies won't suffice. Consider these guidelines:

  • Enlist someone's help to photograph you.
  • Have them position themselves between 5-7 feet to capture only your upper frame.
  • Alternatively, use a tripod, adjusted to a distance of 5-7 feet, to find the right angle and shot.

How to Take Bahamas visa Photos for Babies and Kids

Snapping visa photos for infants and kids demands adherence to many standard procedures, such as following the dress code and ensuring good photo quality. But, the State Department typically offers more flexibility for them concerning the need for a neutral facial expression.

If you are photographing a newborn:

Spread a white sheet out over the floor.

Place the baby down on the sheet and take their photograph against it.

For slightly older babies:

Prop them up in a child’s chair against a white sheet.

If they are still unable to hold up their head, prop it up for them using a hand behind the sheet. Ensure no one else is visible in the shot.


Tools based on artificial intelligence

PhotoGov Features



Our in-built cropping feature allows you to trim new visa photos and ensure that they don’t have uneven edges. This allows you to neaten up your picture and ensure it’s the proper size for your visa.



You can also resize your picture as needed through PhotoGov, meaning that the end result will be a perfectly proportioned image that will fit just right into your visa. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about stretching or squishing the image and ruining the quality.


Background removal

If you can’t find a neutral background against which you can take a satisfactory picture, don’t worry; we have a background removal tool that can help you achieve the same results.



With the click of a button, you can have our auto-adjustment tool immediately optimize your image to meet brightness, color, and contrast standards.

How Can I Convert My Photo to visa Size?

You might encounter various techniques for resizing images, but our dedicated visa photo application - PhotoGov is the prime recommendation. It ensures the delivery of a sharp, accurately dimensioned final image, devoid of any distortion or haziness caused by undue expansion or compression.


Why Choose Us?

User-friendly interface

Sorting out your visa application is complicated and stressful enough without having to contend with confusing software. PhotoGov’s simple layout and user-friendly design will help streamline the process for you.

Wide editing functionality

With cropping, resizing, auto-adjustment, and background removal functions, PhotoGov makes getting a visa picture as easy as possible. Using our platform, you can ensure that your photograph meets all the necessary requirements with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Large selection of documents

As well as offering photographs for passports, we can also take care of ID, visa, citizenship, license, and work permit photos.

No Expensive Equipment

With our online passport photo service, you don't need any expensive photography equipment to get high-quality passport photos. All you need is a smartphone or digital camera and an internet connection, and you can upload your photo to our platform and have it processed in seconds.

No Need to Go to a Photo Studio

Our online service eliminates the need to visit a photo studio or photo booth to get your passport photos taken. This can save you time and money on travel, and means you can get your photos taken from the comfort of your own home or office.

No Specialized Skills Required

You don't need any specialized skills or knowledge to use our online passport photo service. Our platform uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to process your photo and ensure that it meets all official requirements. This means you don't need any experience with photo editing software or photo composition to get high-quality passport photos.

Where to Get a visa Photo

Pharmacies and drug stores

Leading pharmaceutical outlets, including Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid, extend expedited passport photo sessions within their locations. Be prepared to spend, however, as these offerings are typically pegged at an average of $15.

Shipping centers

Key delivery service providers like UPS, FedEx, and other local shipping points offer services akin to those at pharmacies for passport photography. Charging approximately $15, it presents a viable choice if you're seeking third-party assistance for your passport snapshot.

Post offices and other passport acceptance agents

In their capacity to process passport applications, post offices and related entities extend photo-taking services. Just as we've pointed out with other providers, the typical charge hovers around the $15 mark.

Retail stores

A host of retail stores come equipped with sections dedicated to passport photo services, guaranteeing adherence to the specified requirements. Costs might fluctuate based on the outlet, but they're generally on the reasonable side.

More about BS visa


How many photos are required for a Bahamas visa 2x2 inch application?

You only need to submit one photo with your Bahamas visa 2x2 inch application, though you should make sure it is of good quality and that it meets all their specifications. Different documents may require you to provide a greater number of photographs, so you should always make sure to double-check exactly how many you need before filing an application.

Please note that you will still need to submit a photograph when applying for a visa renewal, even if your appearance has not changed much.

What are the usual visa photo prices?

If you want to get your photo taken at a pharmacy, shipping center, retailer, or other establishment with a photography booth, you can expect to be charged around $15. However, if you’re thinking about hiring a photographer to take your picture for you, prices will vary and will likely be considerably more expensive.

Is money a little tight these days? Remember that PhotoGov provides free professional photography services for passports and other documents. When you use our platform, you can also avoid the hassle of having to get your picture taken in person.

How do I make sure my visa picture meets official requirements?

The best way to ensure your picture is up to standard is to review the requirements laid out by the State Department carefully. If you like, you can also review a passport photo template to ensure that your head is correctly positioned and is a good distance from the camera.

Some of the most important requirements are as follows:

  • Wear a neutral expression.
  • Adhere to the dress code.
  • Ensure your picture is of high quality.
  • Do not edit your photo.

What is the recommended method for capturing a digital visa photo?

When snapping a digital image for a Bahamas visa 2x2 inch, it's essential to have consistent lighting, no shadows, a plain backdrop in white or off-white, and maintain a neutral face. Numerous online tools can help refine and modify the picture to align with guidelines.

How recent must my photo be?

For an accurate reflection of your current look, it's imperative that your photo is no older than six months. Relying on dated images can result in potential hold-ups or dismissals during application proceedings.

Can a mobile app help create a correct photo ?

Certainly, mobile apps created precisely for Passport and Visa photo needs are available for your use.

How do I get a ready photo for my document using PhotoGov?

For a hassle-free photo suitable for your official papers, the PhotoGov site offers a step-by-step guide. Once you've walked through the steps, settle the service cost using your debit or credit card. Promptly post-payment, a high-definition electronic image will be sent straight to your inbox. With PhotoGov, rest assured that your photo will meet the necessary document criteria. In cases where your preferred document encompasses free photo service, you're spared the payment step. Simply provide your email, and a polished photo will be yours in just a few moments.

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