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PK employment authorization photo
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Get photo for: Pakistan NADRA CNIC/NICOP/POC 350x467 pixel white background

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How to Use PhotoGov

  1. Pick Your Document Type

    Choose Pakistan and select the document type (NADRA CNIC, NICOP, POC) for which you need a photo.

  2. Upload Your Photo

    Take a lit picture against a backdrop using your smartphone. Follow our picture guidelines closely.

  3. Optimize and Save

    Our AI enhances your image by adjusting brightness, contrast and dimensions. Once your photo is perfected, simply download it for use!

Tips for Taking a Good Photo

Layout, size and scale by indentation for the PK employment authorization
  • Lighting Make sure your face is well illuminated without any shadows
  • Background Find a plain, neutral background, either white or off-white
  • Expression Maintain a neutral look with open eyes and closed mouth
  • Attire Dress in attire and avoid uniforms, hats or glasses
  • Positioning Remember, the selfies are not allowed. You should use a tripod from the 5-7 feet (1,5-2 m) or get the assistance to get a shot

Step by Step Instructions

Choose Your Country and Document Type.

Select Pakistan as your country. Pick from NADRA CNIC, NICOP or POC as the document type.

Upload Your Photo.

Capture a lit image using your smartphone against a background following our biometric photo guidelines.

Enhance Your Photo.

Utilize PhotoGovs platform to adjust lighting and centering with the assistance of our AI to ensure compliance with all requirements.

Save Your Image.

Download your file to have it ready, for submission or printing purposes.

Size and Specifications Prize Icon

Image Dimensions

350x467 pixels


Opt, for a backdrop preferably white in color

Facial Expression

Keep it neutral avoid glasses or headwear (unless for religious purposes)

Quality Standards

Ensure a minimum of 1 DPI for sharpness and clarity

Tips for Infants and Children

Capturing passport photos of little ones? Lay down a sheet on the ground for newborns or position babies, against a white background while seated for the older ones. Ensure their face is well lit and fully visible. Also check that nothing is interfering on the shot, toys, hands that are holding the baby or else.


Some Extra PhotoGov Features

Background Removal

Lack a background? No worries! Our tool can. Substitute it seamlessly.

Auto Adjustment

Enhance your photos brightness. Contrast automatically with one click.

Crop and Resize

Easily tailor the size and crop of your photo to meet standards.

Where to Get Your Photo Printed

Pharmacies and Drugstores.

Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid provide passport photo services at a cost of $15.

Shipping Centers.

UPS and FedEx outlets offer services.

Post Offices.

Numerous post offices offer passport photo services at prices to others.

Retail Outlets.

Seek out designated passport photo booths at establishments. Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Just one will do, long as it meets all the requirements.
  • Our online service is free, for types of documents. There may be a small fee for others.
  • Simply follow our guidelines. Utilize our tools to ensure your photo is up to par.
  • Absolutely! Just follow our advice on lighting, background and attire.
  • Your picture should reflect your appearance. Be taken within the last six months.
  • Yes, you can use an app specifically designed for Passport and Visa photos.
  • Visit our website. Follow the steps to process your photo. Upon payment you will receive a resolution copy sent directly to your email. If your document includes photo processing you can expect to receive your photo via email within 30 - 40 seconds.
  • If you have your picture taken at a drugstore, shipping center or store you can expect to pay $15. Opting for a photographer will likely come with a price tag.
  • PhotoGov offers photography services for various documents. Save money by utilizing our platform and bypass the need for in person photo sessions.
  • Refer to the guidelines outlined by the State Department. Utilize our tools to verify that your photo meets the standards.
  • Ensure lighting eliminate shadows choose a background and take a high-quality image with a neutral expression. Online services are available, for editing and formatting assistance.
  • Yes, follow our suggestions. for newborns lay out a sheet on the floor. for babies position them against a white backdrop. Emphasize clarity and appropriate lighting. Laurel Icon

Why Choose PhotoGov?

User Friendly Platform

Our interface is user friendly and straightforward ensuring a hassle experience.

No Special Expertise Required

Our advanced AI system manages all adjustments seamlessly.


Save time by taking your photos at home of going to a photo studio!


Say goodbye to photographers.

Wide Range of Document Options

From passports, to IDs, visas, citizenship documents, drivers’ licenses and work permits we've got you covered for all your photo needs.

How Do I Resize My Photo Correctly?

PhotoGov simplifies the process for you. Our software ensures that your photo maintains its proportions without losing quality due, to stretching or compressing.

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